Everyone waits for the end of Winter and anticipates the beginning of Spring. Watching bulbs bloom inside your home is a perfect way to bridge the gap between the two seasons.

Our Spring Bulbs are shipped tight with only a splinter of color showing. Colors will vary as it is difficult to speculate with so little color revealed.

Tulip pots contain six bulbs; Daffodil and Hyacinth pots contain three bulbs each. The bulbs pots are grown at our greenhouse and are fertilized until it is time to ship them.

Suggested dates for conducting this fundraiser for the 2019 season are January 13th - January 24th; with a delivery range of February 24th - February 28th.

Care Tips:
After the flowers are done blooming do not remove the stem. The bulb draws nutrients from the withering stem. This in turn creates stronger bulbs, stronger plants and flowers. Keep bulbs in a cool dry place for the Summer. In the Fall plant the bulbs 6" deep and at least 6" apart in the soil. Enjoy them year after year!