Our evergreen products are handmade from renewable forest resources that are never cut down. The boughs are harvested by trimming only the outside branches. We use only quality boughs that are trimmed to insure consistent color and size of product.

We offer Balsam wreaths in four different sizes; 24", 36", 48" and 78". Fraser Fir wreaths are offered in 24", 36" and 48". All wreaths are made on sturdy metal rings and come with three large snow-tipped cones and a red velvet bow.

Our garland is available in Cedar, Balsam and White Pine in 25' lengths. Every foot of garland is wrapped with care onto twine for the perfect draping effect.

Our Door Swags are perfect for any area inside or outside of your home. The swags are 24" and are made with a combination of Balsam, White Pine and Cedar, and are decorated with a red velvet bow.

Our 10" Hanging Basket is a beautiful combination of Fraser Fir, White Pine and Cedar, and come with three snow-tipped cones and a red velvet bow.

The 12" Centerpiece is made out of Balsam and White Pine in an 8" tray and is perfectly contrasted by three 12" red candles.

All of our evergreens are freshly made and shipped via our delivery truck.

Suggested dates to conduct this fundraiser for the 2015 season are October 1 - October 10. A delivery range is November 11 - November 17.

Care Tips:
Keep your fresh evergreens in a cool dry area until you display them; water centerpieces as needed.