Nothing says tradition like a poinsettia. We offer them in the three most desirable colors: red, pink and white.

A poinsettia fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your school or organization. Poinsettias are the #1 selling live plant sold in America. TIP: Churches purchase a large majority of them.

Poinsettias are sleeved the night before shipping to protect them and insure their quality. They are packed in boxes of seven. Occasionally substitutions may be necessary. The poinsettias will be shipped via our delivery truck.

Suggested dates to conduct a Poinsettia Fundraiser for the 2015 season are October 21 - October 28; with a delivery range of December 7 - December 11.

Care Tips:
Take sleeves off the poinsettia as soon as you get home. Remove any broken leaves or branches. Keep your poinsettia in a warm area with bright light. Do not leave in a tray of water and do not over-water. Poinsettias should not need fertilizer.