"Hello! My name is Laura Bergum and I teach at the Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language. I am the fundraising coordinator for my school. I discovered Four Seasons Fundraiser through a coworker of mine. This experience was great for my school.

We are a small school, but I managed to sell quite a bit of flowers throughout our community! I am amazed at how well it went over, but that's not it! I have heard from multiple buyers that the flowers have blossomed and they are absolutely beautiful! Even the ones I purchased for myself have bloomed wonderfully. It is exciting to have six blooming bulbs in a pot.

Purchasing four pots myself, I will now be able to start a wonderful garden at my home. Will I do this for my school again? ABSOLUTELY!! We raised a good amount of money and I have not heard one complaint! Thank you Four Seasons Fundraiser and all who helped get my school involved."

Laura Bergum
Milwaukee, WI

"The plants are so beautiful, they really sell themselves. The staff was very easy to work with; they customized our forms for our personal organization and delivered the plants on time to our meeting!"

Amanda Kostman
Merrill, WI

"Working with the Four Seasons Fundraiser team has been great! It was the easiest fundraiser I have ever done. Easy to set-up and operate, very little labor on my end was needed. Low cost so a lot of individuals were able to participate.

Everyone who participated was very pleased with the quality of their flowers and there was a sizable cash profit for the volunteer program. I look forward to working with them again and would highly recommend Four Seasons Fundraiser for anyone interested in doing a successful fundraiser."

Mary Ventzke
Wausau, WI

"It was a pleasure working with the staff from Four Seasons Fundraiser. They were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in every way.

Their product is top notch and the plants were delivered in excellent shape and right on time. I look forward to our next fundraiser event as I know that once again it will be a huge success."

Bill - Varsity Basketball Coach
Sparta, WI